Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Brothers Tuerl & The Staffs of Zeus - 13

Chapter 13-The Prophecy
The iridescent tear continued to slide down Apollo’s mournful face.  “Alecto, I know you do not believe me.  But you MUST-trust me, I am about to commit to your knowledge the most coveted secret of the gods.”  He glanced at Poseidon’s distant figure suspiciously, before casting his eyes upon Ares’ ungracefully sprawled form.
“The prophecy, which I was entrusted with from my birth, goes like this:
In the Western hills of Greece five men will one day arise, and out of them shall the four elements shine forth.  But never have these four elements managed to coexist with one another.  Each has always tried to claim dominance over the other.  So it will be with these five men.  For a time, they will live in peace and harmony with one another letting one rule with wisdom, but as time wears on, a fissure will begin to develop.  Through the worst kind of treachery, the one ruling will be slaughtered, and two of the men will seek to unite the brotherhood again under their own iron heels.  Forcefully they will bring war upon the earth.  At this time the very gods themselves should begin to fear, for in these men is the power to dominate the world of mortals and gods alike.  In them is the decision to rule by cruelty and force of will or by justice and agency.  The insatiable greed of two may cause the downfall of the entire human race.  But with them will rise a single man who will have a choice to make in time of dire need.  And it will be he, not the others who decides the fate of us all.”  He hesitated on the next word to say, before he finally uneasily finished with a sigh.
“And that is it.  That is the prophecy. Except…”  He paused, “There is more, but it is too hazy to totally understand.  Not even I can comprehend it.”
“But I still don’t understand.”  Alecto inquired thoughtfully.
“Well why in the Hades not?”  Asked Apollo as his eyes lit up.  “Oh yes I forgot.  To me this prophecy is a simple matter being the god of prophecy and all…”  He continued muttering to himself for a second.  “Well, this is what the prophecy means.
The five men spoken of are you, your brothers, and your father.  It seems that you will all return with an elemental power.  You have Water, others will return with Air, Fire, and Earth.  These are the four elements.  You will be happy to name your father as your leader; for of course he is the patriarch of the family, but two of your brothers will begin to murmur against him.  They will feel like they aren’t utilizing their powers to the full extent.  Indeed it is my fear that they will want to enslave the whole human race, including us mighty Olympians.  Of course your father will not like this, and they will argue until the only plausible solution is to get rid of your old man.  Once they commit this bit of blood treachery however they will turn the clans of elements against each other.  Brother will fight against brother, and perhaps you will spill each other’s blood.” He paused looking concernedly at Alecto.
“Perhaps the most fascinating, and unique part of this prophecy is the word may.  In all my days, since I have been given charge over prophecies by Zeus.  I have never come across another prophecy that leaves a single opening, which is why this prophecy is so terrifying, because it does not say what will happen.  It only leaves us, as gods and mortals, to guess.  Will it be a happy ending or… Olympus forbid, an unhappy one.”  He paused again, this time to look deep into Alecto’s sapphire eyes.

“Alecto, I am afraid that you are the man who will create the dooms of men and change the course of history.  You are truly the man who will decide the fate of us all.  The prophecy says that it will be your decision and no one else’s.  No one has decreed that you should act one way or another, but Alecto, I know your heart…And I know you will make the right decision.  For it is your choice, your path, and your destiny.”  And with that and a blinding flash of light, the god of the sun disappeared, as did the sun itself, over the surrounding hills, and once again the earth was covered in darkness.  But perhaps the deepest darkness of all was that which surrounded Alecto’s speculating heart.”

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