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A native of the northwestern United States and a graduate of the George H. W. Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M with a Master of International Affairs (sic! It really exists), I have extensive experience in the public sector, having worked for the World Bank the Utah Chamber of Commerce, the EU, and the US Department of State, but my posts are not purely political or about current events, as I am also a photographer and keep a steady blog on photography tips at A River Runs Through It Photography (The feed is also on this website).  I also bring years of work, study, and travel abroad to my articles with my travel website at Travel Guide 201 (feed).  This website is built to help you plan your trip with extensive guides on best places to visit as well as initial destinations' guides if you don't yet have a place in mind.  Finally, this site is dedicated to my works in fiction in the realm of both short stories and novels.

Feel free to contact me or donate.  I speak Czech, Slovak, Russian, French, and some Spanish.

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Bryson Strupp

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