Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life's a Dream - 1

Life's a Dream

I remember, such a very long time ago, I was out with my friends in my friend’s ’67 SS Chevy Corvette.  We had piled in like rags thrown haphazardly into an overflowing bucket.  It was a convertible and there was just a feeling of exhilaration, of pure enjoyment, and ecstasy standing in the back feeling every bump, every turn, pushing our friends to keep our own balance, but careening, speeding out of control, not knowing exactly where we were going, but speeding towards it at breakneck speeds.  And then, without even knowing how, we reached our destination, and we looked back at the long road traveled, wondering where it all went.  How’d we get where we were so fast?
Instead, it felt like a dream.  We were left with memories, those memories worth keeping.  And that’s life.  It’s a Corvette careening out of control, seeming to be going so fast that it will never stop, and then suddenly, out of the blue it stops, and you get out.  And all you are left with are the memories of yesterday.  But if you stop to enjoy those moments, those memories will be as potent as they were-


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