Sunday, July 3, 2016

Why France - Again?

Why France Again?

By now most of you are probably thinking - why France again?  The latest information seems to point to the terrorists saying that this attack was meant for Hollande and his policy in the Middle East.  Of course, if you have followed French policy over Hollande's presidency, you'll know that Hollande has not in any sense been the most determined French president to fight in the Middle East. Additionally, even though France has participated in activities in the Middle East, they have done it at a much lower extent than the British or the US.  So why France?

I could bore you with all these facts of why France makes a prime target, but the most important consideration is France has a huge Muslim population - over 6 million.  Even Interpol has problems policing that kind of a population.  Now you might say but ISIS hasn't claimed involvement in the attacks, which is true, but the real question is why?  Terrorist organizations love terrorist attacks, almost every time one occurs terrorist groups start jostling for attention saying it was them.  ISIS is one of the best at doing this at showing how effective they are as a terrorist group, spreading terror.  So why not claim involvement?  Well there is the possibility that they weren't involved, but more likely, they want to spread the idea of the lone wolf. (Click here to read about it)

Terror on a scale of lone wolf attacks is frightening indeed.  This is one reason why Russia wants the Syria conflict to end so quickly.  Many of their Muslim population in the Caucuses have traveled down to fight for ISIS in Syria, and their own Muslim population is mostly moderate.  What the Russians are afraid of, however, is a return of these veteran ISIS fighters back to Russia with Russian passports, who can then radicalize the population and begin their own radical movement.

Now we skip back to France, what if a small group of ISIS fighters managed to return, organized a terrorist attack, and were successful in spreading terror?  Would that then radicalize Muslims that were sitting on the fence in France, where the French have been unsuccessful at their attempts to completely integrate Muslims into French society?

So why a terror attack in France, where ISIS won't take responsibility for the attacks?  Quite simply, it's because the perpetrators want others to think they don't have to be specially trained ISIS fighters to carry out attacks and be successful.

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