Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Life's a Dream - 3

And now I come to the point of my story.  My granddaughter asked me yesterday how I met my sweet, beautiful wife.  I remembered back to all those years ago when I was just a dashing, stupid boy.  Life was a turmoil then.  It seemed every day brought a new highest high or a lowest low.  Like the waves of the ocean swelling just nearest the shore before crashing unevenly into an impenetrable cliff face.  One moment I would be on top of the world, and then next the world was on top of me.  It was during this turbulent time that I took an extremely challenging class.  It was one where I skipped the prerequisites because I knew the teacher, but to be honest I struggled.  I wasn’t prepared for the heated environment of the class, and it was my last semester, so what did I really care anyway?
And so I struggled.  I struggled with the class, and most importantly with myself.  I couldn’t find a desire to exert myself.  I had quite literally checked myself out.  And then one day it happened.  There had been this quiet dark-haired, dark girl on the far left side of the room, and I was always in the back on the right had side of the room, so we never talked.  But I had thought she was cute, but too quiet for me, besides she looked to be hiding in the class, as though she wanted no one to notice her.  And besides, I was way too caught up in my own confusion to notice someone who didn’t want to be noticed,
So I didn’t.
But this day it all changed.  Our teacher split us up into groups and her group ended up right next to mine.  And my group was boring, so naturally, I started talking to hers.  And I soon found that the reason she was so quiet was because she was foreign, and she was shy about her accent.  But that beautiful sound of her voice left flurries in my heart.  She left me entranced even though she said little.  Later she left me in awe as she bantered philosophy with me.  My garrulous nature was tamed by her simple straightforward retorts.  Her touch calmed me like a balm of Gilead.  Her heartbeat soothed me like the sound of a mountain stream.  We grew together.
We fell in love.
And then life happened.  Before long, I fell sick, and it was she who would tend for me.  It was her touch that would heal me.  We worked, we struggled, we lived for love, and love sustained us through the hardest of times.  Those are moments I cherish.  But now my love has fallen ill.  We’ve survived the roughest of times together, but now so near the edge of the abyss of life, I fear she is about to leave me.  I tend to her every waking hour of the day.  Hoping against all hope.  I sit by her side late into the night desperately clutching her weak hand.  I wonder what I will be without her.  I am saddened, my heart bleeds.  But last night she opened her eyes and smiled,

And asked if I remembered…

Chapter II          Chapter IV

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